Oklahoma Commissioner of Insurance

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Nov 08, 2022

Filing Window

Apr 13, 2022 - Apr 15, 2022


The Oklahoma Commissioner of Insurance is an elected executive position in the Oklahoma state government. The commissioner is responsible for enforcing Oklahoma's insurance-related laws and protecting the financial security of the state and its citizens. The duties of the insurance commissioner are outlined in the Oklahoma Statutes: responsible for the administration and enforcement of the provisions of the Oklahoma Insurance Code and of any requirements placed on an insurance company pursuant to subsection L of section 1111 of Title 47 of the Oklahoma Statutes; has jurisdiction over complaints against all persons engaged in the business of insurance; hears all matters either in person, by authorized disinterested employees, or by hearing examiners appointed by the Commissioner for that purpose; files and safely keeps all books and papers required by law to be filed with the Insurance Department, and keeps and preserves in permanent form a full record of proceedings, including a concise statement of the conditions of such insurers and other entities reported and examined by the Department and its examiners; makes a report to the Governor of the State of Oklahoma of the affairs of the Office of the Insurance Commissioner; may educate consumers and make recommendations regarding the subject of insurance in this state; shall set forth in a statement the various sums received and disbursed by the Department, from and to whom and for what purpose; shall, upon retiring from office, deliver to the qualified successor all furniture, records, papers and property of the office. The salary for this position is $126,713/year.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three steps: 1) Contact the Oklahoma State Election Board to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the correct candidacy filing paperwork. 2) Complete the required candidacy paperwork including: a declaration of candidacy, appropriate campaign finance forms and either a filing fee or nominating petitions in lieu of a filing fee. If you plan to run as a partisan candidate please contact your local party office for further instructions. 3) Submit the filing paperwork with the filing fee or stipulated amount of signatures in lieu of a filing fee to the Oklahoma State Election Board. The amount of signatures varies by office. The filing period runs from the second Wednesday of April until the next succeeding Friday. The Oklahoma State Election Board is the point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have. The Oklahoma State Election Board can be reached at (405) 471-2555 and the Oklahoma Statewide Filing Packet can be found here: https://www.ok.gov/elections/Candidate_Info/Candidate_Filing/

Submit application to:
Oklahoma State Election Board, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd, Room B6, Oklahoma City, OK, 73105, US