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Nov 08, 2022

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Mar 08, 2022 - Jun 30, 2022


The Governor of the State of New Mexico is an elected constitutional officer, the head of the executive branch and the highest state office in New Mexico. The governor is popularly elected every four years by a plurality and is limited to two consecutive terms. As governor he/she has the duty to see see that the New Mexico Constitution and the laws of the state are faithfully executed. The governor has the power to appoint and supervise the directors of each executive department. The governor has the responsibility to carry out the duties of commander-in-chief of the militia forces of the state. Other duties and privileges of the office include: Nominating and, with Senate consent, appointing all offices not otherwise provided for by law, including appointing vacancies in all offices except members of the legislature and the lieutenant governor; Removing any appointees for any reason, unless specifically precluded by law; Granting pardons and reprieves, except in cases of treason and impeachment; Taking an annual report, given under oath, from the head of each executive department, concerning the spending of public money. If that report is the only made made in a year, it must be given no later than 30 days prior to start of the legislature's regular session; Issuing and signing all commissions granted in the name of the state of New Mexico; Submitting all cabinet heads and cabinet levels appointees for confirmation or reconfirmation by the Senate at the beginning of each gubernatorial term. The salary for this position is $110,000/year.

Application Guidelines
To file for this position follow these three steps: 1) Contact the New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections to confirm that your registered address qualifies you for the position you intend to run for, and that you meet other office specific qualifications. Obtain the correct candidacy filing paperwork. 2) Complete the required candidacy paperwork including: a declaration of candidacy, nominating petitions if you are running as an independent and the appropriate campaign finance forms. File these papers with the appropriate filing officer. If you plan to run as a partisan candidate please contact your local party office. 3) Submit the filing paperwork with the stipulated amount of signatures to the New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections. The amount of signatures varies by office. The filing day for statewide and U.S. representative major party candidates (Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican) is the first Tuesday in February. The filing day for independent candidates is the 23rd day after the primary election. The New Mexico primary election is held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in June. The New Mexico Secretary of State Division of Elections, which serves as the point of contact for any questions or concerns, can be reached at (505) 827-3600.

Submit application to:
New Mexico Secretary of State, New Mexico Capitol Annex North, Santa Fe, NM, 87501, US